How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? Bathroom remodeling is sometimes a necessity – many interior designs already look outdated after a few years, and there may also be a need to replace some appliances. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive, and it is worth preparing for such an accident. In order for you to make a rational decision, we decided to prepare a comprehensive summary of costs. Since the total cost of a bathroom remodel depends on a great many factors, our article may not be perfectly precise in your case, but it should provide you with a lot of useful information.

According to data provided by Sweeten, the average cost of a bathroom remodeling ranges from $16,500 to $37,500. You’ll get the cheapest, budget remodeling done for about $16,500, the average option involves an expenditure of $26,000, while you’ll get a luxury interior for about $37,500. These figures coincide with statistics from
As you can easily see, the prices are not low.

Later in the article, we’ll look at specific configurations so that you can better realize the current prices.

Small Bathroom Remodeling – 15-36 sqft, no shower

bathroom remodeling cost

For small bathrooms (powder rooms), prices are relatively low. For budget projects using vinyl flooring, laminate countertops and mid-range sanitary fixtures, bathroom remodeling can cost you $5,000-$9,000.

However, if you decide to use wood countertops, nicer tiles, stone or marble and more expensive sanitary fixtures from companies such as Grohe or Toto, the cost rises to around $10,000-$14,000.

We made both calculations with the assumption of replacement:

Due to the small area, we do not recommend installing a bathtub or shower in such a bathroom, as it will not be ergonomic.

Medium Bathroom Remodeling – 36-64 sqft, Shower

bathroom remodeling cost

In a 36-64 sqft bathroom, you’ll already be able to install a shower, but a bathtub may be a bit too much.

A budget bathroom remodeling job with a corner shower, vinyl flooring, laminate countertops, and mid-range sanitary hardware costs about $9,000-$13,500 in Illinois. In this case, the cost will increase noticeably if you opt for premium tiles or marble, due to the noticeably larger floor area. If you opt for these, and change the sanitary fixtures to premium products, the bill from your bathroom remodeling contractor will be about $16,000-$22,000.

Costs are for replacements:

Large Bathroom Remodel – 150 sqft, Shower And Bath

bathroom remodeling cost

A 150 sqft bathroom is already a master bath. Usually, the remodeling of such a room will be carried out to a higher standard, making the cost go up.

Typically, our clients opt for a freestanding bathtub and additional shower stall, flooring finished with high-end tile, marble or honed concrete, wood cabinetry, wood or stone countertops and chrome accents such as towel racks.

Depending on how much you care about quality finishes and luxury, a large bathroom remodel in Chicago will cost you between $30,00 and $60,000. On the bright side, there is no upper price limit, as those with a lavish wallet can opt for exclusive furnishings like copper bathtub, blue granite countertops and teak parquet flooring.

How To Save Mony On Bathroom Remodeling?

The high cost of renovating a bathroom is due to the use of relatively expensive materials and the need for specialized installation. Tiles, hardware, lighting and shower stalls can be damaged or cause problems during operation. For this reason, it is essential to use the services of a bathroom remodeling contractor Glenview, which will protect you from electrical short circuits, leaking pipes and condensation on the walls.

However, there are things you can save on to reduce the cost of bathroom remodeling without compromising on quality and safety. For example, you can opt for resin flooring instead of marble or tile, laminate countertops are a great substitute for wood, and sanitary hardware from Home Depot or another popular store will be much cheaper than custom products.

You can also reduce your budget if you decide to use fewer shelves and cabinets. Furniture dedicated to bathrooms tends to be more expensive because it has to be waterproof, which forces the manufacturer to use better materials. Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t necessarily affect the comfort of the bathroom at all – towels and less frequently used toiletries can be placed in cabinets in the bedroom next door.

If you are doing a remodeling of guest bathroom, you can also decide from a glass shower enclosure in favor of one made of synthetic materials. Even cheaper are shower stalls with a curtain, but their aesthetics are clearly inferior. However, if you have to count every dollar, you can consider buying them.

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