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Our team of remodeling and renovation experts is ready to help you design, plan and make your dream kitchen a reality.

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Your bedroom is where you relax and unwind for the day. If you’re tired of your color scheme, think you could use some new lighting or flooring, or want to completely re-shape the space you use to rest, we can help!

A total remodel of your bedroom can improve your relaxation, add functionality and efficiency to this room, and overall just make you happier in your own home! Let Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. help you with your bathroom remodeling project. 

Consider these points to make your remodeling wish list:

  • Function of the room – Is this a master bedroom or a child’s bedroom? Or is this just a guest bedroom? Think about who will be seeing this room every day and how to optimize it for them.
  • Style – Modern? Rustic? Somewhere in between? Consider your desired furnishings and color schemes to decide on your style.
  • What to keep – with every room make over we suggest a clean out  – what all do you want displayed in your new surroundings?
  • Space – how much space do you actually have? Do you want to make the room larger? Smaller?

Lighting is important to consider in a bedroom, whether it’s letting in natural light to help with the winter blues, or making sure its bright enough to read that last chapter before you sleep – light is important.

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We can help you find the appropriate fixtures for your freshly remodeled bedroom to get it looking its best at all times, as well as help keep you healthy.

Did you know that paint colors can really set the tone for a room? Open up a smaller room with an accent wall or light colored walls. Or create a cozier nook with dark colors.

Customize your room your way with our paint experts as they help you choose tones that will give you the right atmosphere and match your furnishings.

In addition to being a place to unwind and relax at the end of each day – most of us store things in our bedrooms – like our wardrobe. If you have a closet that needs a bit of a boost in the efficiency department – we can do that too! Shelving units, hooks, even the addition of cabinets and drawers are options we provide when you are remodeling your bedroom.

With our team of professionals we can help you take your bedroom from a dull and dreary place to a beautiful and restful space. Let us design and craft your storage spaces and help you customize the most important room of your home!

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