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Luxury Home Builder

Working with Architectural Firms and Builders

We are a full-service, luxury custom home builder servicing the Chicagoland area. New construction, home additions remodeling and more.

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For Proposal Requests Call: (847) 827-1812

Since 2003, Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. has worked with many of the top architectural firms in the Chicagoland area. We provide residential exterior and interior services for any project. Our history of success on challenging projects means that we are dealing from the strength of knowing what to expect every single time. Let Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. build the home of your dreams. 


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Every aspect of building a home.

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Luxury interior and exterior work

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Adding spaces to your home

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We have built a solid reputation by adhering to the highest standards in the construction industry and taking pride in our proven track record of customer satisfaction.

We are a family owned and operated company and have an unblemished A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our in-house, professionally trained and certified work crews work in our 40,000+ square foot warehouse where we carry most industry leading materials.

We have a fleet of modern company vehicles and machinery, which sets us apart from the rest. Every job is treated as one of our own, and we look forward to making your next project a major success!

Living in a world of constant change, we are on the forefront of our industry constantly upgrading our skills and materials to keep in step with the most modern construction methods and safety regulations. Every measure is taken to have a clear understanding of our clients wants and needs –  providing them with both exceptional service and a final product that will exceed their expectations PERIOD. Customer satisfaction is our key priority!

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Achieving our vision is not possible without continued demonstration of core values that have been with our company since the beginning.

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We provide superior and personalized services to architects looking for a company to complete custom home building, remodeling and additions. We treat every project as our own. with the very best care and fine craftsmanship. It’s what we do.

Since 2003 Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. has built a solid reputation by adhering to the highest standards in the construction industry. Our clients select us because our company provides a quality job at a fair price.

We continue to use a simple formula for success:

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We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. This commitment to safety applies equally to our installation crew, suppliers and the public. Safe and healthful working conditions are integral parts of our daily operations.

Why we value safety:

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Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. (ICC) plays a lead role during the pre-construction phase. During this phase, we will:

Attend all team meetings addressing any issues with the construction documents, technical aspects of construction means and methods and ongoing cost estimates and scheduling updates.

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Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. (ICC) will continue to play a lead role during the construction phase. During this phase, we will:

Job Schedule

An essential management tool of any construction project is the job schedule. The accuracy and management of the job schedule determines both the pulse and vitality of the project. ICC follows these prime objectives of the project scheduling system.

Once the flow of work is developed, we further break it down into three different schedules:

Cost Control

After the value of the project has been identified and the owner has accepted the estimate, ICC will monitor construction costs versus the approved estimate. From this point, all funds will be carefully and continuously compared to the approved estimate, which will be communicated between ICC and the owner.

Project Phase Management

ICC’s key staff will manage and supervise all construction phases in order to complete the project within budget, on schedule and in conformance with all contract requirements.

The Project Manager – will create and maintain a complete project file of all documents, correspondence, engineering records, drawings, reports, photographs and permits. They will also act as liaison between prime contractors, architects and owner, and be responsible tor scheduling, conduct owner, architect and contractor’s meetings and enforce all quality control guidelines and safety procedures.

The Project Superintendent – will monitor the construction schedule, coordinate and monitor field construction tasks and conduct Subcontractors meetings to control the supply and utilization of manpower, materials and equipment.


ICC’s Company Safety Program and our Project Safety Program are both recognized by every local governing body that we operate in as a most comprehensive and effective control program, which has led to our successful track record and reputation for conscious compliance with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration and all other Federal, State and local codes and regulations.

We will customize a safety program for each client project and will closely monitor all phases of construction for the safety and health of all project employees and the protection of all property

Quality Control

ICC’s Quality Control Program starts with the design stage and continues throughout the entire duration of the project. The Project Manager will work closely with the owner, architect and consultants to review design features in efforts to eliminate potential problems. Upon design review, a thorough review of contractor drawings by the engineering staff to assure that the trade contractor’s design conforms to the contract requirements.

After drawings have been approved, the Superintendent carefully reviews these items with the trade contractors to assure they have a complete understanding of the installation techniques, quality control standards etc. The Project Manager will also oversee the inspection of shop fabrication and field installation, which is carried out by the Superintendent for architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical trades.

Material testing for both plant and field is coordinated and supervised by our staff. The actual testing is generally purchased on a subcontract basis from a local testing organization. Field inspections, preparation of punch lists and the expediting of completed on such lists also is performed by the Project Manager.

We at ICC believe that our reputation for first quality workmanship and preferred builder attests to the capabilities of our staff to provide excellent quality control, and second to none customer service.

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As the project nears completion, ICC will work with the construction team to insure orderly project closeout and transition from construction to actual use.

Quality Control:

We with the owner and architect will conduct all final inspections and monitor the project per project guarantees.

Documentation Control:

ICC will monitor receipt of all operational manuals, “as built” drawings, permits, affidavits and other required documents.

Financial Closeout:

ICC will review and process all final payments and insure receipt of all release of lien certifications. Project Turnover: ICC will direct the owner in the operation of the new building. We will assist the owner in evaluating systems performance in the critical break-in-period.

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“It was important to us to find a local-community company and also one with deep know-how about remodeling exteriors for our 100 year old home. Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. is the definition of an exterior home specialist, and our experience working with them was simply the best.”

Megan M. Facebook
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“They helped make the reality of building our new dream home come to life. It was very important to me that everything looks perfect and they were very attentive in listening to all of our visions and integrating them them into their layout. We are delighted with the final product and love our new house.”

Peter S. Houzz
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“Honesty is one of the most important elements in business and Integrity was all about that. They have employed some really great people who do a great job from beginning to end. They truly care. Thank you guys for making this project so smooth for us, it really feels like a new home. We love it!”

Shawn R. Yelp
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