Interior Maintenance Checklist 

Our experienced team of interior maintenance professionals will keep your home updated throughout the year. We will come to your house at the frequency of your choosing to complete a completely customizable maintenance checklist in order to support the longevity of your home. 

Below are some of the services we provide.

✔️Change HVAC air filters.

✔️Fixture Replacement

✔️Clean and inspect window screens for damage.

✔️Door & Cabinet Refacing / Hardware Installation and Repair

✔️Wallpaper Removal / Re-texturing

✔️Electrical safety checkup. Checking all outlets and wiring through the home

✔️Tile & Grout Repair & Maintenance

✔️Trim Repair / Replacement

✔️Look for moisture in the basement and crawl space.

✔️Trim brush around the unit and clean the coils if necessary.

✔️Inspect the air ducts for buildup of mold, allergens or debris.

✔️Make sure your sump pump is in working order

✔️Checking plumbing looking out for visible leaks, moisture, lime deposits, water stains…etc