Have you been wanting a larger house but don’t want to move or start fresh? Many of us at some point will start to feel a little closed in in our home and want some extra space. Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. is here to bring new life into your next home addition.

Many people unnecessarily start shopping for a new home when they decide they want more space – but that’s not the only solution. Instead of packing up and changing location, consider a home addition.

Customize Your Home Your Way

Home additions can extend the one room you’d like to be a little larger, or even add on a new room or outbuildings so you can enjoy your home more.

It’s easier and cheaper to contract a construction consultant to help you design the extra space for you home than it is for you to move after all! But home additions should only be undertaken by skilled teams of professionals as electrical work and sometimes plumbing and structural work is involved.

While adding on a new space to your home can seem expensive, it actually raises the value of your home and can boost its curb appeal. More square feet means your house is now worth more. So an addition is really a wise investment. It also allows you to enjoy your house the way you want it to be!

Making these custom changes can add a sense of luxury and elegance to your home, as well as making it completely unique to you!

Once you contact us we will send a team of experts to look at your current home and hear your ideas for an addition. We will then help you create a floor plan that will work with both the current structure of the house (safely) and provide you with a quote.

Our teams are experienced in all areas of home remodeling and construction so you can  rest easy knowing we will take your project from idea to reality with little stress to you.

Like all home projects, building a new home from scratch takes time and effort – and we have a process to help keep everything on schedule and carried out to perfection!

  • Consultation – After calling us, we will set up several consultations to help you decide on floor plans, set your budget, and get a better idea of what your goals for your new addition are. During these meetings, it is best to bring all your ideas to the table – it’s hard to change the layouts and plans once construction begins. There will likely be a few versions of your new floor plan before you settle on the one to use for your new addition – this is normal as there are many options to work with and it may take some time to figure out what is best for you.
  • Final Decisions – This part of the process is critical. We will put together a detailed floor plan for you to finalize, and start to set out construction dates and timelines. You will need to sign off on the plans that we have helped you create before we start to build your new addition. During this phase be sure to look over everything with an eye for detail to make sure things will be just right.
  • Construction – This can take a few months depending on how large, how many floors, and how intricate you want your new home to be. Construction is certainly the most exciting and important part of creating a new home. We will check in with you along the way, and keep you in the loop as to how your new home is coming along!
  • Final touches – After the main build, it’s time to sort out paint colors, fixtures, fittings, and even furniture. We will help you choose and install finishing details that will make you feel right home and wow your guests. This is the most exciting part of the process as you can see first hand how your dream has been made a reality, and also see all the small details falling into place.
  • Move In – With the work completed and all the finishing touches made it’s time to finally move in and enjoy the new home that you have designed for yourself! Be sure to talk to your team about maintenance for things like your roof and siding