New Construction In Riverwoods

The house we erected in Riverwoods has been standing for several years now – we started work in 2017. The project itself was intriguing from the very beginning, because on a forested, peaceful plot we were to build a house that would be both modern and somewhat classic. Elegant and luxurious, but also cozy. Although the process of finishing the interiors was not one of the easiest, today we can proudly say that the results are even better than we expected. We encourage you to take a look at the project.

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Planning & Site Preparation

As always, we start the process of constructing a house with a building design along with a plot plan. The house we are building is a large, multi-body structure combined with a garage. The property, located in Riverwoods, impresses with its unusual and unique design – we have never seen a house designed like this. In addition to its unconventional appearance, the house also arouses interest in its size – the building is very stretched and houses 24 rooms. Let’s also mention the plot – the investors decided to live right next to a nature reserve, in almost complete silence and surrounded by trees.


After 3 months of starting work, the foundations were ready. Thanks to the very mild winter of late 2017 and early 2018, we were able to pour concrete during the winter. By using insulation from Owens Corning, the basement was sealed and insulated.

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The next step was to erect the building’s frame and floors. Due to the large area of the living room, part of the structure had to be made of thick beams made of reinforced steel. The house very quickly obtained its target shape, which allowed us to begin the process of installing equipment and finishing the interior as well as the exterior.

Interior Installations

The term “interior installations” is very broad, but in the case of the Riverwoods house, at this stage we took care of installing Pella windows, insulating the walls and roof, laying sewer pipes, electrical wiring, setting up the underfloor heating, and creating a ventilation system that is connected to the air conditioning. At the very end, we covered the walls with plasterboard, allowing us to begin the interior finishing process.

Exterior Installations

In parallel, we began preparations for exterior finishing. Before we tackled the details, we had to erect the entrance staircase, install stone veneer, trim and the roof, which this time we made from asphalt shingles dor supplied by Owens Corning. As is usually the case, we did everything we could to get the house ready for winter – before the snow and rain set in, we managed to insulate all joints and eliminate leaks.

Interior Finishing

It was time to take care of the details in the interior. In accordance with the client’s wishes, we installed wood floors, a wooden staircase, an exclusive trim, balustrades, as well as other small finishing details such as lamps and air vents throughout the floors. At the very end, we also installed the kitchen equipment – the cabinets were made of walnut wood, and the countertops were made of marble.

Exterior Finishing

It’s time for the stage that gives the house its charm – we installed an elegant front door, and our stucco contractor took care of finishing the exterior walls. We also created a wooden terrace and finished the gutters.

Final Results