If you are planning to do a kitchen remodeling in the near future or are already creating a design for this room, it is definitely worth looking for inspiration. After all, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home – this is where life happens every morning, where you prepare meals together with your family, and where you spend a minimum of an hour during the day.

To make your decision easier, we decided to discuss the latest kitchen design trends in 2024 based on a report written by Houzz.
We hope that any of our suggestions will appeal to you!

1. Open Kitchen

kitchen remodeling ideas

According to the report, nearly two-thirds (64%) of homeowners are forgoing walls dividing the kitchen from the living or dining room. The open kitchen concept is convincing with greater functionality, easier movement around the house and more comfortable time spent preparing meals.

Take into account, however, that an open kitchen should have a very efficient ventilation system that can effectively deal with the removal of unpleasant odors generated, for example, during the preparation of fish. Otherwise, they will spread throughout the house.

2. Significant Structural Work

kitchen remodeling ideas

An increasing number of homeowners are also choosing to change the layout of their kitchens – they often add kitchen islands, reposition the sink and refrigerator, and get rid of the previously mentioned partitions. Kitchen remodeling is, of course, a good opportunity to interfere with electrical and plumbing systems and floors, so these elements are also being modified.

As you can easily guess, structural works clearly increase the cost of kitchen remodeling – replacing the electrical system in the average room is an average cost of about $2400, but if you decide to install an induction hob or two ovens, the price will be even higher.

3. Advanced Appliances

kitchen remodeling ideas

Although smart home devices are no longer talked about as often as they were just a few years ago, 1/3 of kitchen renovations involve the installation of such equipment. Typically, smart light switches, thermostats, smartphone-controlled kitchen exhaust hoods, internet-connected refrigerators and induction chargers for mobile devices appear. This is, of course, due to the relatively low prices of many smart home devices.

Unfortunately, you have to reckon with the relatively short lifespan of smart home devices. As a rule, modern technologies become obsolete very quickly and there is a need to buy new and better devices, which is not the case with their analog counterparts.

4. Backsplashes

kitchen remodeling ideas

According to the report, backsplash replacement is becoming an increasingly popular idea during kitchen remodeling. The most common material of choice is ceramic or porcelain, but many people are also opting for engineered quartz, natural stone, marble, quartzite, granite and stainless steel.

It is worth mentioning that backsplashes with designer patterns are increasingly rare – smooth surfaces with possible natural patterns typical of marble or granite dominate.

5. Large Kitchen Islands

kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen islands have been popular in the United States for many years – they greatly enhance the functionality of kitchens by expanding the work surface of countertops and adding new cabinets. Interestingly, as many as 40% of homeowners are creating kitchen islands over 7 feet long. This is, of course, accompanied by an increase in the overall size of kitchens as well as the homes themselves – American houses are getting bigger as a rule.

6. Vibrant Colors

kitchen remodeling ideas

We’re seeing a bit more color in 2024, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinet fronts. Although white, gray and natural wood are still the most common shades, green, red and blue are gaining more and more followers. Who knows, maybe 2025 will bring us even more vibrant colors and energy?

7. More Storage

kitchen remodeling ideas

We’re back to the theme of functionality again – designers and homeowners alike are striving for extra storage space for pots, plates, cutlery and food. Flat drawers, cookie sheet organizers and jar shelves are becoming more common in our kitchens.

8. Recessed Lighting

kitchen remodeling ideas

Minimalism still prevails in some aspects. Lighting in kitchens is still taking a recessed form – chandeliers and hanging lamps are no longer fashionable, as the statistics prove (about 75% opt for light sources hidden in suspended ceilings). LED technology also has many fans – homeowners are eager to place LED bars under cabinets and above countertops.

9. Age Accomodation

Every year, the elderly population in the United States grows, so interiors need to meet their requirements as well. Pullout cabinets, extra lighting, wide drawer pulls, nonslip flooring made of resin and rounded countertops are popular. More and more people are also changing the height of countertops and wall cabinets, and opting for refrigerators with less depth, making it easier to reach products from inside them.

10. Kitchen Remodeling Becomes More And More Expensive

Wedle statystyk, . Wynika to oczywiście z inflacji, rosnących cen materiałów budowlanych i ogólnego wzrostu poziomu życia. Kitchen remodeling stało się o około 7% droższe niż jeszcze rok temu i nic nie wskazuje na to, aby ten trend miał się w najbliższym czasie odwrócić.

According to statistics, the average U.S. homeowner spend $26 912 on a kitchen remodeling. This is, of course, due to inflation, rising prices for building materials and a general rise in living standards. Kitchen remodeling has become about 7% more expensive than it was just a year ago, and there is no indication that this trend will reverse anytime soon.

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