Glenview Custom Home Builders

Critical questions you’ll want to ask Glenview Custom Home Builders your thinking about working with. Let Integrity Construction, Inc. help make your home beautiful again! Call (847) 750-3206 and speak to one of our home specialists about your next project. 

Glenview Custom Home Builders is nowhere near as challenging as some people would make it out to be, provided that you ask the right questions, do your research and due diligence, and use good old-fashioned common sense.

We’ve been working in the Glenview community for years and years now, have built up a sterling silver reputation in the community, and are proud of the work that we’ve been able to provide our friends, our family, and our neighbors throughout the community.

Here are some of the critical questions we encourage our clients to ask, and hope you ask them as well before moving forward with any custom home building project!

Glenview Custom Home Builders
Glenview Custom Home Builders

Do you have all necessary licenses and insurance to do this kind of work?

Right out of the gate, you have to be 100% certain that you are working with a licensed professional that has done this kind of work in the past, that carries all of the necessary insurance, and that can help create the custom home of your dreams without a nightmare situation occurring because insurance and licenses weren’t secured ahead of time.

What kinds of guarantees do you offer on the work that you perform?

Not all craftspeople are going to guarantee their work, but you should really strive to work only with the best homebuilders in Glenview that stand behind their work so confidently that they aren’t at all concerned about guaranteeing your satisfaction.

The Glenview new home construction world is filled with competition, and your options will be numerous, but if you’re looking for hard-working professionals that provide full guarantees your list of potential Glenview custom home builders narrows down substantially!

Will you be bringing subs on board to do some of the work or will everything be done “in-house”?

It’s very rare for a construction company to have all of the trades necessary to completely build a custom home from scratch “in-house”, which will necessitate the hiring subcontractors to do at least some of the work to make your custom home dream a reality.

At the same time, you’ll want to know what kinds of subcontractors are going to be brought onto your job so that you have a better idea of the quality and caliber of the kind of work that will be done inside your home by professionals that you aren’t going to hire individually but will delegate to your general contractor.

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How do we handle the punch list process?

At the end of every Glenview home building process there is inevitably going to be a handful of small changes, modifications, or upgrades that homeowners would like to have taken care of – and this is described as the “punch list”.

You’ll want to make sure that you are working with the best Glenview custom home builders that will respect your punch list, will move through it quickly and effectively, and will keep open lines of communication with you throughout the project so that you don’t ever have to worry about something on your punch list slipping through the cracks.

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