Before You Build A Home…

There’s lots to think about before you build a home. In addition to room décor, floor plans, and fixtures, you will need to think about pricing, timelines, and subcontractors. When you build a home you need to make sure the work is done right and done correctly the first time. A new house is after all, a large investment.

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Make sure you work with your builder to acheive your goals and be patient when you build a home
Make sure you work with your builder to achieve your goals and be patient when you build a home

Ask About Sub Contractors

You want to make sure that whoever you get to build your home is doing it themselves, or hiring reliable subcontractors to complete the task. You will need to ask about who is doing what task on your home so you can be sure you will be happy with the results. While many builders with excellent reputations also hire excellent subcontractors, it doesn’t hurt to be 100% sure of the quality of work you are paying for.  If a contractor will not communicate with you about who they are using then they may not be as reliable as you think!

Know What You Want Prior To Estimates

Before seeing how much you will need to spend make sure you know exactly what you want from your home build. Discuss floor plans, levels of your home and your final goal for your home to make sure you are truly making the best decisions. Many home building contractors can help you optimize floor plans, design special purpose built rooms, and figure out how many floors will be best. Before sorting out the final price though, make sure your home fits your goals and wants – it will be your house that you will have to live in! Besides, making changes partway through the build is at best expensive and at worst impossible!

Take details into account when you build a home
Take details into account when you build a home

Make Sure You Ask Questions

This is your home, and your project. Make sure it’s done the way you want it! Be sure you ask about plumbing, electricity, storage and more. It’s ok to ask your contractor and architect many questions when you build a home. Think about your furniture and ask if it will fit in with the current floor plan and design too! There are lots of little details and you’re going to want to make sure they are all decided and sorted out before you break ground.

Plan for Time

Always remember that contractors usually are working on multiple jobs – and often times the best quality ones are the busiest! While contractors will always make time for their clients, there is always a lead time to get materials, licenses, necessary permits, and subcontractors ready to complete the job. Be patient and plan for your home to take some time to build. It is also hard to plan for different problems and unexpected issues during your home build. Make sure you have somewhere to stay and store your items for the duration of your build with a little extra wiggle room – just in case.

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