2019 Home Construction Trends

Home Construction Trends

Building a new home has many big decisions, and lots of choices have to be made with regards to home construction trends. Some people will build a home to be custom to their needs to live in the rest of their lives. Other people will want to build something that is guaranteed to sell in the event they move and want to sell their house.

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The more open flowing space, the better! Particularly if you are building a new house!

Open Floor Plans

Wide open spaces are coming back in popularity as homeowners want more flexibility with space. Having a more open floor plan allows for different uses of rooms over time.

Building a home with a more open space also allows for temporary but stylish dividers like screens to be used as functional art pieces. It also allows for more seamless traffic to occur in the home which appeals to many homeowners – particularly those with families.

As minimalism grow in popularity many homeowners value the appeal of an empty open space they can transform into whatever they want or need without having to have several purpose built rooms in their home.

Studio Apartment or “In-Laws Apartment”

In-law or granny apartments have not been in housing spotlight for a few decades. With the advent of Airbnb and high housing costs, having rentable spaces is very “in”.

Renting out rooms or portions of a home has been a great way to bring in more money for many homeowners. Some use temporary space rental like Airbnb to make extra money for trips or to invest. Others rent out entire areas on a permanent basis.

Either way, renting out space in your home can help it pay for itself exponentially faster! Building in a space like this also increases the home sale value as the property is worth more.

Bathrooms are always a top space to focus on according to <a href=home construction trends” class=”wp-image-1336″/>
Bathrooms are always a top space to focus on according to home construction trends

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms have always been popular places to focus the most energy and expense into. These two rooms are typically the most common ones people want remodeled, and therefore often receive the most attention during a new home construction.

Home construction trends continue to show that homeowners want luxurious bathrooms to relax in. With high end appliances like walk in showers, new bath tubs, and marble fittings. Moisture proof lighting, and energy and water efficient fixtures are also a current trend. Make sure you consider the resale value of appliances and materials prior to installation.

Trends Add Value

Building a new home requires thought and care. If there are particular things you know you want from your home – be sure to talk to your contractor. At the same time, be aware that current trends can impact the value of your new home construction.

Adding certain features are currently big trends that will boost your home value and curb appeal. Check your local home listings for current home sale prices, and talk to your architect about trends in your area that can boost value!

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